November 21, 2004

Marine Shooting!

You heard it here first! In the marine shooting incident that is all over the news lately: The terrorist who gets shot in the incident is not the person who the edited for TV clip leads you to believe it is! The unedited video shows another scene playing out on the other side of the room at the moment of the gunshot sound. And one can quite clearly see that a different enemy trooper is being shot. This seems significant becuase im sure when most of America sees the edited footage they are basing whatever desision vis-a-vis the soldiers guilt on a misleading piece of footage. I do find it odd that the pundits have yet to notice this. Bill O'Reilly, for example, claims to have seen the unedited footage but fails to correct everybody's assumption. If you dont believe me then find the unedited footage online and see for yourself.

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