November 23, 2004

"Do you hear that, do you hear that?"

Dan Rather has announced his resignation and thus a pillar of the mainstream media has been removed. Lets hope the whole house collapses. I’m sure it will one day, as more and more people turn to sources like Fox News, talk radio, and enterprising bloggers for their source of aggressive investigation and insightful commentary. Now it makes sense why Dan Rather was sprinkling so many Texas down home style phrases into his election coverage. He knew that these were his final days and he had so many great phrases that no one had heard yet. I’d like to hear a medley of all of his hokey and folksy phrases that he used on election night. “George W Bush is cutting a swath through the south like a ferris wheel through a field of cotton” and so on. At one point, I remember tuning in to Rather and there was a bizarre silence and then in a kind of trippy moment when he gave an odd look to the camera after a long pause and said quietly “do you hear that, do you hear that?” At first I thought he was talking to his producer or someone off camera, then he suddenly blurted: Knock, knock, knock….. George W Bush’s Presidency is knocking on the door.” Well, he was at least factually accurate this time unlike his and his networks attempt to foil the Bush candidacy with an asinine, un fact-checked, attempt of a story that even if it were true wouldn’t really matter/move votes. Of course I'm refering to when Rather and CBS broke the story that they had documents proving that GW was awol or whatever.
Oops, it only took bloggers about five minutes to find out that the documents, that supposedly were authored 30 years ago were created using Microsoft word! As Homer (Simpson) would say: D’ohhh! Goodbye to “the dull witted advocate” as a Boston radio show host just called him.

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