November 23, 2004

Limo Times

I have done away with my Limotimes blog. From now on everything will appear on this blog. For now here's a highlight from the now defunct Limotimes blog:

Christmas Surprise!

On Christmas Eve we had a break in here at Shady Limo Inc. Someone smashed a window in every limo in order to swipe the stereos and some TV's out of the back of each car. Merry F'in Christmas... Now its into January and our company has still not recovered. Both of our Excursions are still off line. (Which screwed us on New Year's eve) I was pretty pissed at who did this. They abused my beautiful Excursion. Dope stereo gone. The silver lining is that now we (hopefully) will get top of the line multi-media presentations re-installed into every car. I will settle for nothing less in my excursion than a kick ass mp3/CD playing stereo with mega bass and a some sort of DVD presentation. Maybe some flip down DVD screens from the roof or, at the very least some screens that actually work in an all weather environment. The two crappy LCD flat screens that the thieves labored to extract from my excursion are worth about 15 bux each and don't even work. There are multiple Soprano-esque theories as to the why/how this incident occured. Druggies looking for a quick score, a former disgruntled employee or employees seeking revenge, a rival limo company seeking to cripple us for new year's, and perhaps the most intriguing theory; that the theft was carried out by my boss himself. Gee, come to think of it, the only car that was untouched was the brand new 2005 sedan, the same car my boss likes to tool around in. -Tuesday January 4, 2005

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