November 29, 2004

Bar Wars

Wow I've never seen so many cops, bouncers and patrons fighting at one time in the same melee as the other night. Cops fighting bouncers, bouncers bottling club-goers .... I guess that's par for the course in Providence at this place I was at, the other night: Jovan's. What a scene. Hip hop brawl anyone?

November 23, 2004

Limo Times

I have done away with my Limotimes blog. From now on everything will appear on this blog. For now here's a highlight from the now defunct Limotimes blog:

Christmas Surprise!

On Christmas Eve we had a break in here at Shady Limo Inc. Someone smashed a window in every limo in order to swipe the stereos and some TV's out of the back of each car. Merry F'in Christmas... Now its into January and our company has still not recovered. Both of our Excursions are still off line. (Which screwed us on New Year's eve) I was pretty pissed at who did this. They abused my beautiful Excursion. Dope stereo gone. The silver lining is that now we (hopefully) will get top of the line multi-media presentations re-installed into every car. I will settle for nothing less in my excursion than a kick ass mp3/CD playing stereo with mega bass and a some sort of DVD presentation. Maybe some flip down DVD screens from the roof or, at the very least some screens that actually work in an all weather environment. The two crappy LCD flat screens that the thieves labored to extract from my excursion are worth about 15 bux each and don't even work. There are multiple Soprano-esque theories as to the why/how this incident occured. Druggies looking for a quick score, a former disgruntled employee or employees seeking revenge, a rival limo company seeking to cripple us for new year's, and perhaps the most intriguing theory; that the theft was carried out by my boss himself. Gee, come to think of it, the only car that was untouched was the brand new 2005 sedan, the same car my boss likes to tool around in. -Tuesday January 4, 2005

Assault into the Triangle of Death

Now that the election is behind us our forces in Iraq can take the (politically correct) gloves off without fear of the negative-story centric liberal media being squeamish or the likes of John Kerry grabbing the latest headline and somehow making it the foundation of his campaign. On the heals of a successful Falluja campaign; American and British Forces, flanked by newly trained Iraqi commandos, are sweeping into what is being called the "Triangle of Death" This is an area south of Bagdhad where terrorists have been generally menacing the countryside and having thier way with the more peaceful inhabitants of Iraq. The gloves are off finally and we can kick some arse. Go get 'em boys.

"Do you hear that, do you hear that?"

Dan Rather has announced his resignation and thus a pillar of the mainstream media has been removed. Lets hope the whole house collapses. I’m sure it will one day, as more and more people turn to sources like Fox News, talk radio, and enterprising bloggers for their source of aggressive investigation and insightful commentary. Now it makes sense why Dan Rather was sprinkling so many Texas down home style phrases into his election coverage. He knew that these were his final days and he had so many great phrases that no one had heard yet. I’d like to hear a medley of all of his hokey and folksy phrases that he used on election night. “George W Bush is cutting a swath through the south like a ferris wheel through a field of cotton” and so on. At one point, I remember tuning in to Rather and there was a bizarre silence and then in a kind of trippy moment when he gave an odd look to the camera after a long pause and said quietly “do you hear that, do you hear that?” At first I thought he was talking to his producer or someone off camera, then he suddenly blurted: Knock, knock, knock….. George W Bush’s Presidency is knocking on the door.” Well, he was at least factually accurate this time unlike his and his networks attempt to foil the Bush candidacy with an asinine, un fact-checked, attempt of a story that even if it were true wouldn’t really matter/move votes. Of course I'm refering to when Rather and CBS broke the story that they had documents proving that GW was awol or whatever.
Oops, it only took bloggers about five minutes to find out that the documents, that supposedly were authored 30 years ago were created using Microsoft word! As Homer (Simpson) would say: D’ohhh! Goodbye to “the dull witted advocate” as a Boston radio show host just called him.

November 21, 2004

Everything is Everything

Left: Right
Emotion: Logic
Subjective: Objective
The Water: The Rock (Taoism)
Female: Male
The Arts: Math & Science
Liberal: Conservative

Marine Shooting!

You heard it here first! In the marine shooting incident that is all over the news lately: The terrorist who gets shot in the incident is not the person who the edited for TV clip leads you to believe it is! The unedited video shows another scene playing out on the other side of the room at the moment of the gunshot sound. And one can quite clearly see that a different enemy trooper is being shot. This seems significant becuase im sure when most of America sees the edited footage they are basing whatever desision vis-a-vis the soldiers guilt on a misleading piece of footage. I do find it odd that the pundits have yet to notice this. Bill O'Reilly, for example, claims to have seen the unedited footage but fails to correct everybody's assumption. If you dont believe me then find the unedited footage online and see for yourself.

November 03, 2004


I's Nov 3rd and I'm watching John Kerry’s concession speech at Fanuiel Hall. As one Bush voter visiting Boston from Florida stated about Kerry when interviewed: "This Is The Classiest thing John Kerry has done." I tend to agree. This, believe it or not, is John Kerry’s finest hour.

This Is The Classiest thing John Kerry has done.

Clearly he's struck the correct tone and in doing so he's departed from the kicking and screaming, by any means necessary, style of democratic rhetoric, a-la Al Gore and others. He is on the verge of tears and this time I believe the words he is saying. He is giving the best speech of his life, conciliatory and at times moving. It is a sad day in Boston, I’m afraid, but a great day for America.

Now I’m watching the Bush acceptance speech. Well, actually Cheney is on first now and apparently George W Bush won the highest popular vote count in American history. And there was a record voter turnout. Amazing. The message America is sending to the world is clear. The rest of the world now has proof of our resolve and our support for our president, even in the face of his detractors best, and at times underhanded efforts. Our Allies overseas have been heartened and those countries that have been troublesome will be forced to reevaluate their dislike of our President.