November 21, 2004

Everything is Everything

Left: Right
Emotion: Logic
Subjective: Objective
The Water: The Rock (Taoism)
Female: Male
The Arts: Math & Science
Liberal: Conservative


fhold said...

We've been down this road before. It's easy to generalize qualifiers into simple dichotomies, and though trying to form a list affiiliating these splits with each other isn't bad, it is incredibly untelling.

Why not throw in some other ones, like intellegent vs. ignorant, young vs. old, backwards vs. forwards, progressive vs. retrograde, humane vs. unmerciful, unthinking vs. rational, reckless vs. controlled, and war vs. peace?

What's the thesis here?

Jaz said...

Yo, this entry is almost a poem or a provocative intro. Remember the set up is "If you had to pick one or the other". Assigning up and down and other random dichotomies misses the point. I can walk anyone thru it if needed. For example, I think everyone would agree that women, In general of course, tend to be more emotional and men more logical. The same applies to liberal and conservative. Generally, "if you had to pick" liberals go after an emotional appeal while conservatives tend to be more logical. There are countless examples of this but i suppose if one insists on disagreeing they must switch the sides of which the word is alligned (and make a case for it). I submit that each word is already alligned correctly "if you had to pick" or "for the sake of argument".

Anonymous said...

smart: stupid

jomama said...

I like the choices.

For me, you've covered the basics.

jomama said...

Now mix each of the two in separate
glasses and drink heartily and wait
for the results.


Anonymous said...

Forward: Backward
Passion: Stoicism
Interpretative: Recalcitrant
The Paper: The Rock (childish game)
Subjugated: Oppressor
the Kettle: The Pot
Revolutionary: Totalitarian

I liked the Lauren Hill song better.

Jaz said...

Lauren Hill huh? Let me guess anonymous.. you're a chick. Most dudes wouldn't know about obscure Lauren Hill songs. Also, you might want to re-examine your dichotomy. Let me get this straight, you're the paper that beats the rock yet you're subjuctated by the oppressors? Ok, I guess I'll buy that, but please enlighten me as to why the kettle is better than the pot. (Is it pervieved as more sophisticated?). Because, surely you're assuming one side is "better" than the other whearas, my original dichotomy was merely an observation, while yours is a vitriolic attack on non-Liberals. Otherwise, I enjoy your list and appreciate the commentary. -JMars

Anonymous said...

It's obvious you're a misogynist but apparently you're an obtuse truculent psuedointellectual as well, your defensive emotional response to the previous comment proves the very falsity of your original dichotomies.

Santo Fontana said...

This is the most disgustingly useless pseaudo intellectual post Ive ever seen in my fucking life.

What was your objective when you started this post?

You realize you are nothing but a confused bitch right?

Is this how you contribute to the world?

Jaz said...

Ahhhh...... Lefties. So easy to get going.

fHold said...

A reference to this post made here.