November 03, 2004


I's Nov 3rd and I'm watching John Kerry’s concession speech at Fanuiel Hall. As one Bush voter visiting Boston from Florida stated about Kerry when interviewed: "This Is The Classiest thing John Kerry has done." I tend to agree. This, believe it or not, is John Kerry’s finest hour.

This Is The Classiest thing John Kerry has done.

Clearly he's struck the correct tone and in doing so he's departed from the kicking and screaming, by any means necessary, style of democratic rhetoric, a-la Al Gore and others. He is on the verge of tears and this time I believe the words he is saying. He is giving the best speech of his life, conciliatory and at times moving. It is a sad day in Boston, I’m afraid, but a great day for America.

Now I’m watching the Bush acceptance speech. Well, actually Cheney is on first now and apparently George W Bush won the highest popular vote count in American history. And there was a record voter turnout. Amazing. The message America is sending to the world is clear. The rest of the world now has proof of our resolve and our support for our president, even in the face of his detractors best, and at times underhanded efforts. Our Allies overseas have been heartened and those countries that have been troublesome will be forced to reevaluate their dislike of our President.

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