May 13, 2006

Paper Tiger

Let me take this moment to assail Hilary Clinton. I saw a brief clip of Ms. Clinton quickly sniping President Bush regarding the latest round of the NSA wiretapping controversy. I’m trolling the net to find a transcript or at least some reporting on her comments made today in what looked to be some sort of informal press conference. I cannot find a single news story about Hilary’s latest dressing down of the Bush Administration, and I am left with the question: Where is Hilary on these issues of national security? What is her policy on the wiretapping of terrorists for example? Who would Know?

No one knows the answer to these questions. No one on earth can honestly ascertain what this woman’s stance is on almost issue that she routinely snipes at the Bush administration over.

As far as the her position in any kind of political spectrum…again, who knows? Is she a centrist? An independent, a Republican, a Democrat? I don’t think she even knows. Like the most cynical of politicians, rather than having a core set of values that hold true in fair weather or foul, she would rather indulge her own desire for power, and only choose her stance when and if it is politically wise to do so.