April 27, 2006

"A Day without an immigrant"

Apparently the "immigrant rights" advocates are planning a nation wide work stoppage and boycott of businesses and schools for this coming Monday May 1st, 2006. Perhaps you have not yet heard of this planned “day without and Immigrant” event. As is pointed out on SayNoToP.C.B.S. this planned work stoppage is being kept a secret from those of us evil English speaking Americans: “We are practicing 'La Reconquista' in California.” Said Professor Fernando Guerra of Loyola Marymount University; "We need to avoid a white backlash by using codes understood by Latinos… ". Most likely, you will not hear about this boycott in liberal media outlets because they largely share the same contemptuous and secretive agenda with the illegal immigrant rights advocates. Here's a novel idea for liberal "journalists": just objectively report the news to everyone regardless of their agenda. For the liberal MSM that is apparently too much to ask.

I love how the event is being referred to as the “day without an immigrant”. Of course, not all immigrants share the same agenda as the illegal immigrant rights advocates, but the illegal immigrants right advocates have to conflate the concept of “illegal immigration” with all “immigration” in order to advance their agenda by suggesting that being in favor of immigration reform is the same thing as being against all immgration. Then come the tired charges of racism and xenophobia. Of course, the new laws being proposed that are the cause of this illegal immigrant uproar do not effect those people who have legally immigrated to this country, but why let logical distinctions get in the way of this mob rule bum-rushing of the rest of the legal tax paying citizenry?

Here in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, local small businesses are essentially being intimidated into not opening their doors on Monday. Groups have been going around and “recommending” a la Tony Soprano not to do business on Monday in order to “demonstrate their solidarity” with the illegal immigrant population. How a local American citizen owned deli closing demonstrates “a day without an illegal immigrant “ is beyond me and if I owned a local business I would not be intimidated by thugs to not participate in commerce. However, local businesses are citing "repercussions" as the reason that they will comply with the wishes of the illegal immigrant population. It is a sad state of affairs when American businesses are subject to the whims of foreign nationals that find themselves within our borders.

If illegals don't want to attend work or school, not use the internet or cell phones and not make any purchases on Monday May 1st that is absolutely fine with me. My only question is: why stop there? If illegals want to boycott every aspect of American society on Monday why don’t they do us all a favor and boycott America itself by leaving it? Of course, that will not happen because it would require an actual sacrifice as opposed to simply sitting on their duffs for 24 hours and collecting the benefits of the various social programs that they have managed to scam their way into. This situation has gone way past ridiculous a while ago and I hope that there is considerable backlash to the planned "day without an immigrant" work stoppage planned for this coming Monday May 1st.


Jenn of the Jungle said...

"If illegals want to boycott every aspect of American society on Monday why don’t they do us all a favor and boycott America itself by leaving it?"

Wouldn't that be lovely.

young_activist said...

Someone who calls Fox unbiased is in no position to judge other news organazations.

young_activist said...

Do you realize that without illegal immigrants our economy would collapse?