April 08, 2006

Insomnious Politico Vlog

I've officially launched the Insomnious Politico Vlog. This will still be my primary blog and all relevant and available video clips can be found at the new vlog.

It was recently brought to my attention by a left leaning friend that, Like Fox News, I am ignoring the so-called leak investigation regarding Scooter Libbey et al. Fox News is hardly ignoring the story and neither am I. Please go to the new vlog for a "damning" clip of the President and my commentary on the matter.


Kent said...


You're so freaking cutting edge. What a stud you are.

Of course the Left is going to believe that the President leaked Plame's name. Why? Because it is illogical, as is virtually everything they believe.

To the contrary, believing that Joe Wilson leaked his own wife's name in that NY Times op-ed is far too hard for Liberals to believe because it doesn't involve a conspiracy theory.

Jaz said...

Ahh.. Kent, You truly are the bomb.

"Because it is illogical, as is virtually everything they believe."

truth is luminous.