April 21, 2006

The United Conflations

The erstwhile, United Nations, has appointed Iran to vice-chair the “disarmament commission”. I wish I was surprised or shocked, but I've come to expect this sort of thing from the well intentioned, but deeply misguided outfit known as the United Nations.

While Iranian diplomats are busy citing international accords in an effort to defend the “peaceful pursuit of nuclear technology” The Iranian President Aminijijad is busy posturing, excitedly announcing the development new advanced weaponry, and generally sabre rattling. At this point, despite Iran’s diplomatic protestations/delaying tactics, does any serious person imagine that Iran is not actively pursuing the acquisition of nuclear weaponry?

By appointing Iran to the disarmament commission, The UN has officially abandoned all hope of being taken seriously by any intellectually honest observer.


Kent said...

You give these slugs too much credit. I say the US pull all funding from the UN and evict them from NYC.

sgilb said...

It's a complete joke really. I remember Libya was in charge of Human Rights a while ago. Member nations take turns being in charge of these things I guess. They need a better system, where only nations with good track records on such issues would be qualified.