September 13, 2008


In an effort to influence the election by influencing voters, ABC News apparently edited out whole chunks of the Sarah Palin Charlie Gibson interview.

Here we go again with blatant left leaning media bias. I'm sure ABC News would argue that they edited for time constraints or some other lame argument, but the effect of editing out certain key passages of what Palin was saying had the obviously intended effect of making her appear less coherent on matters of foreign policy.

Why do liberals have to constantly cheat in a pathetic attempt to win the argument?

Here's some advice to ABC News: If you don't want to be accused of cheating and being guilty of left leaning media bias, just run the interview of a Republican candidate in it's entirety. Don't edit out whole passages of the strongest arguments of the candidate! Because we're gonna find out what you did, you stupid bastards.

Would it even be possible to have someone at ABC News editing the interview who isn't in the tank for Obama?

If Charlie Gibson had any knowledge of this insipid editing then he's no better than Dan Rather (who I'm sure most lefties privately regard as a hero for fraudulently trying to take down President Bush on the eve of the 2004 election).

Here's the full context of the foreign policy discussion with the bold and underlined sections being those that were conveniently left out in order to shape people's impression of Sarah Palin's grasp of the issues being discussed.

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Kent said...

I've never seen a better example of media bias. But I thought she did great.

The genuflecting ankle, the sneering down his nose, the asking and re-asking and then the re-ask, re-asking, was extraordinary. Even his voice was down a couple of octaves. He detests her and what she stands for. Where is the objectivity? I don't give two shits about Charlie Gibson's political views. I watched that interview to learn more about the next Vice President of the United States, but instead what I got was a news guy informing me of what his views are.

At times she looked at old Charlie and you could tell that she was thinking, 'What the...? Why is this guy so hateful?'