September 09, 2008

Liberals and the media

Sometimes I wonder if liberals even understand what it is that every one else objects to about the biased and slanted general news coverage provided by the predominantly left leaning mainstream media.

Keith Olbermann and Chris Mathews were today relieved of their duties as MSNBC news general election anchors.

It seems that the more the left leaning media digs it heels in, the more ground it loses. Yet amazingly, declining readership of liberal publications and bottom of the barrel ratings for liberal television and radio enterprises have served only to somehow embolden far left influenced media rather than discourage it.

When your enemy is in the process of destroying itself it is unwise to point it out, but in this case I can't resist.

How it is that these supposedly intelligent lefty media types could have such a tin ear when it comes to what is expected of them in the realm of journalism? It must have to do with their own high opinion of themselves that causes them to fail to realize that their own audiences, those that cling to guns and religion, are not as stupid as they think. This is what Sarah Palin means when she speaks of the 'elite media', who in her case, have taken media bias to new levels of tawdriness and hypocrisy.

I mean, does the left at least grasp what people objected to when Dan Rather capsized his own career in a blatant effort to influence a political campaign by promoting a fraudulent Bush National Guard story on the eve of the 2004 presidential election?

That fact that many of those on the left are inclined to defend Dan Rather in "Rathergate" essentially dictates that they are doomed to repeat similar, if not the same, mistakes. Because this narrative of left leaning media bias has been around for so long at this point, it has fully taken hold in the public consciousness at large as a normal feature of the political landscape.

So when people see Keith Olbermann berating 9-11 victims or Chris Mathews "getting a thrill up his leg" for Obama they have clear confirmation of the insidious permeation and general brazenness of left leaning political bias bleeding into what is presented supposedly as hard news.

They never learn, so they're gone. Do Olbermann and Mathews even understand why they were taken off their assignment of delivering general coverage during the rest of the campaign? They seem so stubborn and one-sided that I'm sure that they have some sort of rationale that blames Haliburton or George Bush rather than the real culprit: their own failure to comprehend the difference between commentary and general news coverage.

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Kent said...

I used to watch 'Hardball' religiously. It was a great show, even though I found him to be extremely effeminate and emotional. Matthews frustrated me then because he seemed to know the truth about the absolute failure and depravity of the Democrats -- and frequently articulated it -- yet he's a party guy. He's always gonna pull that lever for the candidate with the 'D' next to his or her name regardless.

It was great hearing him rail on the Clintons. He loved McCain back then. He called him his favorite Republican, which is actually what first made me skeptical of McCain. Every night it was Matthews and McCain on 'The Hardball College Tour,' remember that? Matthews was even incredibly decent to George W. Bush back in 2000. He interviewed him at a school in Texas and was fair and pleasant and respectful.

And Matthews even filled in for Rush Limbaugh on his radio show back in '98 or '99 and was refreshingly open about his views. He wasn't a hater or a radical.

Olbermann on ESPN was Must See TV, but I grew to dislike him during the Clinton impeachment on MSNBC. I watched his show every night and noticed how angry and petty and juvenile his is. At the end of every show he'd throw all his papers up in the air and storm off the stage, leaving the mess for the little people.

That's the type of person KO is. He's extremely unhappy and alone and he lashes out. He's the guy everybody hates with his air of self importance. He's the biggest fraud, the biggest phony, the biggest asshole in media. Now that's saying something. And it's a shame really because he's a talented guy.