September 25, 2008

Keith Olbermann Brown

I believe that Keith Olbermann has been reincarnated.

As Campbell Brown.

The tip off isn't necessarily the ridiculously obvious pro-Obama bent as much as it is the sanctimonious delivery and snide yet sing- song tone of voice as she recites what some lefty wrote on the tele-prompter.

Who does Ms. Brown think she's fooling, I wonder, when everybody knows that she's so in the tank for Obama, she's soaking wet.

I love the fact that Sarah Palin is pissing off the MSM.

If Campbell Olbermann Brown is angry, then the McCain campaign is doing something good.


Kent said...

What do you make of the calls from right-leaning media (like Kathleen Parker from NRO) for Palin to step down?

Jaz said...

Where were these people during the Romney campaign I wonder, they never bothered to speak up when it mattered for Romney. Because if they have a problem with Sarah's level of competency then they would surely prefer someone like Romney be in there. As VP or as Prez.

But all these supposed GOP strategists who want Sarah gone were nowhere to be found when Romney needed them. I've never heard of any of these people. (Other than Kathryn Jean Lopez who is now luke warm on Sarah).

Maybe this anti-Sarah contingent is a bunch of country club Republicans who don't like the conservative values that Palin holds, but rather than just saying that they try to make some sort of competency argument in an annoying effort to remove her because she's too conservative for them.

There's almost no better way to sink a campaign than looking so indecisive that you have to switch horses mid-stream.

These people refer to themselves as strategists, and if their strategy is to see to it that McCain loses the election they're doing a bang up job.