February 05, 2006

The Logic of the Middle East

So let me get this straight. Muslims are angry that a Danish cartoonist depicted them as violent and so in protest, in order to demonstrate that this criticism is baseless and off the mark they react by threatening violence and laying waste to a Danish Embassy in Lebanon. Champions of logical persuasion, these Muslims...

Just look at this to the right. It says it all. From a Muslim protest in England. Real good idea, to allow so many obviously grateful Muslim immigrants into the UK. Extremist Muslims are such lovely people. I'm so glad we share the earth with them.

Then we have the wonderful leadership of Iran, who reacted to being reported to the UN Security Council by openly advancing the weaponization of Nuclear technology. So let me get this straight. Iran is angry because we don't believe that they are only seeking peaceful uses of nuclear capabilities. So to protest and to prove that this is not the case they react by pretty much admitting that they are pursuing nuclear weapons? Has the art of logic not reached the barren wastelands of Iran yet? When they do actually anounce that they have nuclear weapons will they then acknowledge that they had no right to be indignant when the suspicions of the International community had been correct? Right now, they are upset that they are being accused of seeking nuclear weapons and so their response is to continue rapidly down the road towards that end. Why do they persist with this pretense? Ahh... the minds of the modern middle east...such paragons of logic and virtue.

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