February 06, 2006

Democracy is Anathema to Islam

It seems that the protests and other ramifications of this “cartoon controversy” have continued and gained intensity across the world. Ironically, it’s the Muslim reaction to this that is more cartoonish that the actual cartoons in question. At this point, unrest has spread to Afghanistan (where the worst violence occurred today) Somalia, Iran, Lebanon, Israel, Syria and even India. There has to be more going on here than just offense over a depiction of Allah. It is my understanding that radical groups have been exploiting and encouraging a lot of these “protests”. Could it be that radical Islamists are “getting that sinking feeling” when they look around and see the advance of modernity closing in? Recently, there has been much progress on the advancement of democracy around the Middle East. This must be alarming to the more fundamental elements of Islam who do not benefit from allowing a free society, free expression of ideas, and democracy. It is my theory that this worldwide “protest” over a cartoon is really a negative reaction to the advancement of freedom that is occurring everywhere all over the Muslim world. What we are left with is the exposition of the fact, at least at this point in world history, that Democracy is anathema to Islam.

Spraying down the forces of "Anti-Democracy"

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