February 09, 2006

Crouching Dem, Hidden Agenda

At the Coretta Scott King Funeral, did anyone notice Bill Clinton’s giddiness when he tiptoed around the fact that his wife will be running for president? He was about to say; “I’m honored to be here with past presidents, the current president, and our future president, my wife Hilary.” But before he could finish, Hilary shot him a look, as if to say, “Honey, we can’t mention that yet, I’m still in the process of misleading the people of New York State into believing I will serve a full term if re-elected to the senate.” Even though he didn’t explicitly say so, Bill Clinton was shamelessly using the funeral to announce the candidacy of Hilary for president. Yet another painfully inappropriate moment which occurred during the supposed “tribute” of a deceased woman.

Hilary Clinton is so disingenuous it turns my stomach and Bill seems to be getting a little senile or something. Normally he would be deft enough to keep up whatever the Clinton political pretense du jour would be. Yesterday Hilary Clinton accused the president of fear-mongering to gain political ground. We've had to deal with this lame indictment before on countless occasions. Whenever a conservative correctly points to terrorism or national security as one of if not the most important issues on the minds of most Americans and what he or she plans to do about it, like babies, certain lefties accuse them of "fear mongering". To me, this is a tacit acknowledgement that democrats are weak on terror. They know it is not a winning issue for them so they seek to silence any discussion of it. So Hilary, by beating this dead horse of "fear mongering” is prepping us for the fact that she will be weak on terror if elected. Yeah you're right Mrs. Clinton, we should just forget about that whole silly terrorist thing. Oh 9-11, whatever… let it go.


Kent said...

It was meant to be a sound byte, pure and simple. Call it test marketing, a product demo, whatever.

"I'm honored to be here today with MY president, MY former presidents and mah, my, my...(insert applause here) ha, ha, ha, ha. NO! NO! NO! Ha, ha, ha, ha. (Looks adoringly at Hillary) Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

Bill hemming and hawing up there, in front of a southern (and black) audience...it was a gimme.

Lay off my buddy Bill, will ya?

Jaz said...

Bill's ok. but c'mon Hilary?

Lone Ranger said...

I am sickened when I see all these Democrats turn up at a civil rights activist's funeral. They same thing happened with Rosa Parks. They seem oblivious to the fact that while Democrats founded the KKK, Republicans founded the NAACP.

Kent said...

All of this is even more outrageous when you look at the history of our two political parties, of slavery and of civil rights.

The Civil War, after all, was partly about the Yankees (the Republicans) wanting to end slavery. It was the Democrats who fought (and died) to keep their slaves.

I wonder why the MSM never talks about this? I wonder why public school textbooks don't teach this?