January 29, 2005

The Eve Of Elections

American forces are digging in. Sniper teams are in place. Surveillance cameras are monitoring and recording. A night time curfew and a ban all driving has been enacted. Elite Iraqi Forces are digging in. Many of their brethren have already been gunned down in a most cowardly manner and they're making this thier fight, equipped with the latest armaments, tactics, and body armor that America has to offer. Polling places have become veritable fortresses. Three Top Enemy Lieutenants have been quietly captured. Refugee and immigrated Iraqi's have already voted across the World.

I Can't imagine the mentality of someone willing to give thier life to vote. There are many Iraqi's who feel that way. I also can't imagine the mentality of someone who would wish that these elections do not go well. I Know that there are those here in this country, forget foriegn terrorists, who secretly hope that these elections do not go well. I Suppose, the reasoning being (if you can call it reasoning): "I dislike this administration/Bush so much that I hope the violence continues and that the elections in Iraq don't go well". Ted Kennedy, for example, secretly hopes the elections go horribly and, in which case, his argument that Iraq "Is a quagmire" and "Is George Bush's Vietnam" will be vindicated. This mentality is unacceptable. Just look at the lead story on (the left leaning) New York Times.com. "Shi'ite Faction Ready to Shun Sunday's Elections In Iraq" Wow, what a surprise, more doom and gloom from the left. Focus on and accentuate the negative. I find this, as their lead story, deeply offensive. It's this sort of rank partisanship that turns centrists like me off to the Democratic party, and it's the reason they lost the race for the oval office. Not Iraq, not 9/11, not the Swift-boat vets, but this transparent and self-serving mentality of hoping things don't go well for America because their guy is not in office. Their obstructionism in congress and a demonstrable paucity of ideas to replace the ones they shoot down are not becoming.

Anyone reading this better hope that the Iraqi elections go well. Do not do so would be Un-American. You can join the ranks of the blame-America first crowd. And perhaps worse, you are allowing vanity or pride to get in the way of what is the best for America, Iraq, and The World.

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Jaz said...

The New York Times finnally, at this point, figured out what the lead story should be about the Iraqi Elections. As if they read my post bashing thier negative-centric headlines they now seem to realize that the main story about the elections is not the violence but the high voter turnout. Wow, even the left leaning media can get it right occassionally, albeit in the face of overwhelming evidence.