January 30, 2005


I am watching live coverage of the Iraqi election right now. It started at 11 pm (Eastern standard time) earlier tonight and is now into its fourth hour or so. As Usual with big news events I switch from the two major cable news channels. The one with ratings and the other one. It's time's like this I am reminded why I don't watch CNN too much (like many others apparently). I just saw a series of reports meant to focus on the negative. I could tell that the anchors (who had been hyping up the violence factor) were stunned and dissapointed to hear a rather candid Christiane Amanpour delivering a downright positive and upbeat report implying that the overall story is not the moderate violence but the elation and excitement of the Iraqi people. After getting shot down by a very professorial Iraqi cabinet advisor, whose intensity dwarfed the foolish desire to focus on the violence, the two obviously agenda driven, news anchors finnally found what they wanted; a sort of exaggerated and alarmist reporter practically trying to terrorize voters himself with his report of, considering the importance of this day, minor incidents thus far. That same reporter right now is interviewing a random passer-by Iraqi voter and asking; "Aren't you scared that you'll be killed because someone will see the ink on your index finger signifying that you voted?". I could tell that he was dissapointed when he was met with yet another excuberant and defiant Iraqi saying that he is not scared and saying several times passionately "We want to get rid of every sign of the Saddam Government!" And for those who might imagine that Fox News does not somehow tell the whole story I can tell you categorically that every piece of newsworthy information is presented there. Everyone knows that there will be viloence, but CNN's rather obvoious desire to focus in on that as the main story is disgusting and reminds me why CNN SUX.

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