January 25, 2005


In the latest Featured Survey offered up by the Pew Research Center(A left-leaning organization, if anything) It is revealed that only 17 percent of Kerry voters believe that "Military Force is the best way to defeat terrorism". I'm not sure what measures the majority of Kerry voters would recommend (or at least approve of) for dealing with the bullies, thugs, and murderers that comprise the enemy. On the question of: Should America "be active in world affairs" or should "we concentrate on problems at home" the results of Bush voters vs. Kerry voters are inversly proportional. Most Bush voters want to be active in world affairs as opposed to concentrating on problems at home. And for Kerry voters, the reverse is true. This brings to mind, what has almost become almost a cliche by now, "Having a pre-9/11 mentality". No wonder Liberals have had such adverse reactions to The President's ambitious and bold vision of the world presented in the Inaugural Address. Most people wish we could "concentrate on problems at home", but guess what. We tried that. In the Clinton 90's we tried to leave the world to their own devices and ignored certain festering problems and looming international crises. After 9/11, I thought at least, We all had realized America needed to adopt a more pro-active role on the International scene, but if you believe this Pew Survey (Which I do) an alarming amount of us still believe we can go on sticking our heads in the proverbial sand.

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