February 26, 2009

Manny being... stingy

Manny Ramirez today was offered his third deal of the off season for an eye-popping $45 million for a two year contract. It's the same money he was offered in the first place months ago, when maybe the economy wasn't as bad as it is now.

He should take this money and be happy. If he doesn't take this most recent offer, he's out of his mind.

Especially when you consider that no other team has made an offer yet.


Alex said...

I think Manny just wants to skip spring training. Plus there's always the outside chance that the Yankees will swoop in and pay him a couple million more (a la Texeira), but they have 6 outfielders as it is. How awesome would it be if Manny just didn't get signed, and the season went on without him? F Manny, he's such a head case that nobody even wants to pay him, even though he's basically the best right-handed hitter of all time! Most likely he will just sign with the Dodgers and will probably hit about .370 with 40 HR and 130 RBI against that mediocre NL pitching.

Jaz said...

If he could pull off those stats maybe he's the one to legitimately break some of the fraudulent home run records.

So he turned down the offer...???!!

HHaaa...He is nothing if not amazing.