February 27, 2009

Imperial IPA

As I write this I am enjoying quite possibly the best, most complex beer that I've ever had.

Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA. A whole new level.

At 12 bucks a 4 pack a whole new level of price too. But none of that matters now.

Here's a description of the taste from Beeradvocate.com:

Pours brassy in color, with bright golden hues and a thin, creamy lacing that sticks just a bit. Massive fruity esters in the nose, with strong notes of overripe pineapple and suggestions of something sweet and syrupy. Strong hop resins. Bread and caramel, too. Harsh fusel alcohols. Thick, viscous and chewy in the mouth with some smoothness and creaminess. Really fruity and sweet up front with more overripe pineapple and stone fruits. Smacking of citrus rinds. Drop of caramel in the malt sweetness. Hops are intense, coating the palate with resins, leaf and pine, and are a bit roasty and ashy around the edges with a deep, earthy flavor. The alcohol is quite noticeable: abrasive, spicy, warming and solvent-like. Some gummy flavors as things warm. The palate dries up with a raw, leafy, earthy and resiny linger that doesn't fade anytime soon.

The waves of booze wash over you after a few sips sink in and begin their magic. It's more refreshing that Harpoon IPA, yet almost infinitely more complex. And as I take another swig I conclude that this is probably the best beverage ever created as far as I'm concerned.


Chris said...

I love IPA's. It does look a little brassy. I've always liked Harpoon. But my favorite beer ever is Sam Smith's Imperial Stout. But also the Pale Ale is very good.

I'm also a huge fan of Sam Adams. It has to be the best American brew around. I have a friend who brews his own and he does a fine job as well.

Jaz said...


As I write this I'm enjoying the last of the four precious masterpieces...

I'm scouring the net to find out where I can get this on draft. On my one precious day off a week, Sunday, I will go and consume this at an adult beverage facility serving it on draft.

I've tried some Sam Smith oatmeal ale or something. Certainly respectable, but this hops thing is what I seem to love.

If you can get your hands on some Harpoon I.P.A. over your way, do it.

Before I found this Leviathan I.P.A., Harpoon I.P.A. was my "desert island beer".

You have to like hops though, maybe you don't. Maybe you're a big fan of Obama (had to throw that in).

I'd love to try your friend's home brew. My boy has a "kegerator" in his downtown Boston townhouse, but I don't really know anyone who brews.

...other than Sam Adams and Harpoon right down the street.

Chris said...

I'm assuming it will be hard to find on draft. At least in my part of the country it would be. But you living in a big city that loves beer, you might have some luck.

I love hops. Obama has hops. Ever seen him play ball? Imperial Stouts are like drinking heaven. I love 'em. Tonight I'm going out so I will look for a Harpoon I.P.A. The town I live in probably doesn't have it but I will be out in a college town (SIU baby!!)tonight so surely they'll have some Harpoon.

My friend can brew just about anything he wants. He has a brewery in his basement and he can clone any beer. He usually focuses on stouts but here lately he's been making pale ale's and ciders for some reason.

I love Sam Adams. Best American beer there is.

Kent said...

I understand this is amazing beer. Maybe when I come to Boston, JM, you'll have some of this chilling in the car?

Not a big Sam Smith or Sam Adams fan.

Red Hook IPA is the bomb, followed closely by Stone IPA, my local San Diego brewer.