January 05, 2008

Romney takes Wyoming

After weeks of Iowa hype, Mitt Romney has quietly won the Wyoming Caucusus.

If Romney can finish at least second place in NH, that would mean he has finished in 1st or 2nd place in the first three states. No other candidate will have collectively done as well at that point in the race. This does not seem to me to be nearly the disaster that the media and other talking heads are declaring.

Have you ever noticed how most lefties in the media constantly downplay or bash Romney? The reason for this is that they realize that the Democratic candidate, whomever that is, can never beat Romney in a legitimate, distraction free, debate on the issues. And so, all of the smartest lefties would like nothing better than Romney to take enough hits that he has to drop out of the race, thereby taking the most articulate champion of conservative principles in the race, out of the race.

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