January 27, 2008


John McCain makes me sick. He has now taken to inventing facts about Mitt Romney.

In the last 24 hours, he has accused Mitt Romney of having "wanted to set a date for withdrawal [from Iraq] that would have meant disaster."

This statement is untrue, as in false, incorrect, fictitious.

That is the beginning and end of the debate on this issue. John McCain is making statements about Romney, as Obama said of Bill Clinton's South Carolina attacks, "...that are unsupported by the facts".

This is yet more evidence that John McCain is a Democrat. Or at least, he certainly represents the worst of Democratic tactics as made evident by this latest reprehensible and blatantly desperate attack strategy. He is going well beyond distorting an opponent's record into straight up inventing facts about it.

McCain is also demonstrating that he is a very stupid man. Did he not see what just happened to Hillary in South Carolina? Barack Obama just wiped the floor with Hillary for many reasons, chiefly among them a backlash against the over the top and fictitious attacks made by Bill Clinton against Obama.

McCain admits that he knows next to nothing about how the economy works, so I can see why he would want to change the subject. But by trying to mislead voters about an opponent's record he again reveals why he is severely lacking of the character one would want in a commander in chief. John McCain is supposedly honorable? There is no honor in lying about the record of your opponent simply because he is surpassing you in the polls.

John McCain represents the worst kind of old school, egotistical, and cheesy politician. Even if he wasn't a RINO, I would never vote for a man of his ilk. This latest behavior is without honor. He deserves to lose in Florida and be driven from the race. And then he should go sit in the corner with a dunce cap on.


Aia said...

I will forfeit my privilege and duty to vote if the choice comes down to a democrat and a democrat.
McCain doesn’t know how to take a hint. He should have known what a NO meant when he run for president the first time.

Tieki Rae said...

I really don’t like McCain… at all. But if it were to come down between him and a Democrat, as much as I dislike McCain, I think he would be better than Hillary or Obama. I don’t really like Huckabee very much either, but the same logic applies. Heck, I’m not the hugest fan of Romney, but he’s my candidate of choice now. Luckily Giuliani has fallen out of the spotlight, because I don’t think I could stretch such logic that far.

Has 2008 started out great or what?

Eric Odom said...

I work with a couple McCain fans, and they have some good points with regards to his stands on certain fiscal issues, but my main beef with McCain is the campaign finance scam he pulled several years ago.

I’ve never been able to forgive him for that and never will.

Florida Brad said...

The straight talk express has derailed. McCain is engaging the most shameless lies and distortions in a desperate attempt to change the tide and tone of the debate. McCain is doing exactly what he professes to despise. He is engaging in last minute "surprises" full of lies and half truths. McCain the tired old man needs to be put to bed. America needs Romney at the helm.

The REAL JOHN MCCAIN??? The biggest liar and flip flopper of them all. McCain is loathsome for his deception.