December 19, 2007

Christmas Message (and response)

No Mr. Huckabee, I'm not worn out from all the political ads but I can imagine why you are. For your sake, the less conservatives know about you the better. So I'm not very surprised to see that you seem to be advocating a moratorium on political ads.

Sorry Huck, but we're not suspending civics and politics because it's Christmas time. Christmas will come again next year, but the opportunity to expose you for the closet liberal that you are is a now or never proposition.


Kent said...

Nice ad. Nice sentiment. I found it sincere.

But this guy is a complete tool and his statements about foreign policy render him totally unqualified to be the Commander-in-Chief.

american patriot said...

He is a real Christian. If he were elected I am confident that God would guide him, so it doensn't matter that he doesn't know what he's talking about becuase God will and if we elecet a real Christian President God will guide him and God is better at foreign policy then that devil-worshipper you like.