April 14, 2007


The North Carolina Attorney General, Roy Cooper, put the final nails in the coffin that was the Duke Lacrosse "rape" case on Wednesday. Cooper officially dismissed the charges of sexual assault that had been levied against the three former Duke Lacrosse players seen above; Dave Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann.

The Attorney general stopped short of declaring that the prosecuting Durham district attorney, Mike Nifong, was guilty of prosecutorial misconduct but did accuse him of being guilty of "a rush to accuse".

It's clear to me that Nifong was pursuing his own politically correct and politically ambitious agenda rather than the truth. He should be disbarred for prosecutioral misconduct and dismissed from his public office.


Kent said...

I say we give custody of Nifong over to these boys and their parents. Let them work it out.

Anonymous said...

Irrespective of Nifong's actions these boys hired a stripper to perform at an underage drunkfest. They do not deserve any vindication for their actions.

Jaz said...

Then the charges brought to bear upon them should have pertained to underage drinking and hiring a stripper, not rape.

Hiring a stripper is not illegal as far as I know and proving who was underage and who was drinking requires breathalyzer data. In any event, proof that a crime was committed is required before charges are brought about.

There was no proof that any crime was committed in this case. What sort of fascist lefty are you anyway? Do you imagine kids should go to jail and have their life ruined for suspicion of underage drinking? That's not very tolerant of you, you hypocritical liberal.

Anonymous said...

I'm not talking about anyone commiting any crime. I'm just saying that irrespective of what happend with Nifong these were not the kind of kids which you would call "upstanding".

Jaz said...

Fair enough.