April 05, 2007

Act of War

Iran decided to release the 15 kidnapped Britons yesterday. So to review, in the last several days, Iran managed to commit an act of war as well as violate the Geneva Conventions by airing footage of coerced testimony. Clearly, this was a contrived incident meant to provoke America and England. Showing grainy footage of Western captives is not the kind of behavior one would usually associate as the practice of an official nation state, more a desperate terrorist group. Iran has behaved exactly as the terrorist state that it is. Unfortunately for the people of Iran, for all immediate practical purposes, there is no difference between a terrorist state and a state that is mereley run by terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

Do you realize that the U.S set in motion the train of events that led to Iran's current government with their 1953 violent overthrow of the freely elected Iranian government?