February 13, 2007


Mitt Romney announced his intention to run for the President of the United States today at the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn Michigan. Romney chose the location to underscore America’s history of innovation, particularly in the automotive industry, and as a reminder of the can do attitude which made him such a successful and effective manager in the private sector and as the Governor of Masschusetts. Democratic Jewish groups complained that the venue was inappropriate because Ford had a history of anti-Semitism, but this minor dust up has since been dismissed as the partisan attack that it was, made by those who would never vote for Romney in their wildest dreams.

Romney not only represents innovation and sound, levelheaded management, he brings a level of altruism to politics that is truly rare. Romney is the ideal public servant, crisp, coherent, and accountable. He is so well-reasoned, that I can’t think of something I have ever heard him say that I disagree with.

Romney is a solid conservative who used the language of moderation in order to allow the predominantly Democratic population of State of Massachusetts to be comfortable enough to elect him Governor. And as Romney implied in his announcement speech, actions speak louder than words. To examine the actions of Romney in Government is to realize that he is a conservative. He does not approve of abortion or gay marriage. He believes that America has the right and obligation to control its own international borders. Rather than retreat in Iraq he favors more troops to stabilize the country and region. He wants to fight an aggressive war on terror against worldwide jihad. If these are not conservative positions, I’m not sure what are.

Romney discussed his philosophy during his thoughtful and very presidential speech yesterday.

"There are some who believe that America's strength comes from government - that challenges call for bigger government, for more regulation of our lives and livelihood, and for more protection and isolation from competition that comes from open markets.

"That is the path that has been taken by much of Europe. It is called the welfare state. It has led to high unemployment and anemic job growth. It is not the path to prosperity and leadership.

"I believe the American people are the source of our strength. They always have been. They always will be. The American people: hard working, educated, innovative, ready to sacrifice for family and country, patriotic, seeking opportunity above dependence, God-fearing, free American people. When we need to call on the strength of America, we should strengthen the American people, not the American government!

"We strengthen the American people by giving them more freedom, by letting them keep more of what they earn, by making sure our schools are providing the skills our children will need for tomorrow, and by keeping America at the leading edge of innovation and technology.

Beyond declaring his intentions and explaining his political philosophy Romney did also make a few subtle digs at his competition. Perhaps alluding to the feel good rhetoric Obama used when he declaring, “…my candidacy is the vehicle of your hopes and dreams”, Romney said,“Our hopes and dreams will inspire us, for Americans are an optimistic people, but hope alone is just crossing fingers, when what we need is industrious hands. It is time for hope and action. It is time to do, as well as to dream.”

Romney's main obstacle besides name recognition will be convincing conservatives that he is indeed one of them. But if in the end Romney is not allowed to call himself a conservative, than maybe it’s not a conservative that we need to become President. Because it is someone of the intellect and sensibilities of Romney that we need to break through the partisan bickering that has beset Washington for as long as anyone cares to remember. And it’s someone with Romney’s philosophy that we need to restore order in the world and to see to the continued success and prosperity of America and Americans. Romney for President in 2008.


Kent said...

I dig this guy. We should team up and blog for his campaign.

For money, of course.

Jaz said...

That's a great idea. I'd be into blogging for the Romney campaign in a collaborative effort or solo, for pay or with out.

Kent said...

How about we both try to get connected with the campaign and recommend each other to the powers that be.

How can I get in contact with you?

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