February 11, 2007


The Mort Kondracke theory of primogeniture dictates that it will be John McCain, not Giuliani or Romney, that will win his party’s nomination for President.

While I would prefer either Giuliani or Romney to win the primary, I’ll take John McCain over Obama or Hillary in the general election in a heart beat. McCain has life experience and gravitas that Hillary and Obama can only dream of having. That and he's not a socialist.

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Kent said...

The only problem I have with McCain is his temper. People tell me when he gets pissed it's scary.

But maybe we need a President to get pissed, you know what I'm saying?

I've been very critical of McCain in the past. I've even nicknamed him 'Jackass John.' But there's nothing like the threat of a Democrat becoming president to give me some mental clarity.

Everybody's talking about how dispirited the GOP is about the slate of candidates...Not me. I love Rudy, Mitt and John.