March 10, 2006


The Dubai Ports Issue is officially over.

Of course Democrats, lead by Chuck Schumer, will try to beat this dead horse in an effort to prove that somehow they are the true terror warriors. Memo to Chuck: no one's buying it. American voters didn't fall off the goddamn turnip truck yesterday. It is going to take more than slapping a moderate Arab government in the face to prove that it is the Democrats, not Republicans that are strong on defense. How short do they imagine our memory is? The Democratic turn around on national security has been nothing less than amazing. It will be interesting to see how things play out. Will Democrats actually from now on be "tough on terror", or will they default to their natural position of expanding the rights of terrorists and generally hampering America's anti-terror efforts?

Questions like this arise when a political party is governed not by core principles, rather by the tenets of political expediency. For example, are Democrats now fans of wiretapping possible terrorists? Or are they against that anti terror measure? Now that the ports issue is over, we will undoubtedly see Democrats move on to the next issue that they imagine they can bash Bush over the head with, which will probably be the NSA wiretapping “controversy”. I wonder, does anyone on the left care about logical consistency or are they all so single-mindedly aligned to bash Bush and conservatives that logic itself has no bearing on their position? Chuck Schumer thinks he’s so slick, yet in reality he is nothing more than a Sophist. As a competent lawyer with an agenda, he simply advocates whatever position that he imagines is politically expedient. Schumer is the ultimate example of a philosopher-politician. The result: Sophistry. No core principles, no logical consistency. For the rest of us non-sophists, let me get this straight; Democrats are all of sudden averse to doing business with Arabs yet they have been endlessly preaching that Bush should be making allies in the region and not acting unilaterally. Or was that just last week’s battle cry? Again, I can’t help but wonder, why do we even bother even trying to apply logical analysis to Democratic stances on issues? The Democratic party's mentality on issues at this point has become so tedious that I almost wish we could just ignore them and they would go away. And as someone who enjoys logical debate, I actually wish they had a substantive stance on any issue.


Kent said...

Funny how now that the ports deal is off the block the Dems are back beating another dead horse--the dreaded NSA wiretapping program.

Terrible. Let's impeach Bush for protecting the country. Just who the hell does he think he is anyway?

Jaz said...

Anyone with a brain can see how transparently Democrats have conducted themselves on this issue, but Republican Congressmen aswell, have conducted themselves in a most spineless manner and they too, share the blame for America’s falling down on this ports issue.

Using recent events as a leading indicator, it is becoming clear that this issue will be the first of many more important policy issues that will be subject to the fickle whims of day-to-day politics in an election year. Members of congress conducted themselves in such a "banana-republic" way, by racing to block the deal with no hearings and minimal discussion, that I am embarrassed for everyone involved. I have heard Republicans in Congress, who opposed Bush on the ports deal, accurately described as "stampeding" or even worse "retreating". I understand that Republican Congressmen have to work closely with Democrats, but do they have to adopt their "can't do" mentality? In the end, today’s events represent a defeat for logic and a slap in the face to a valuable ally of ours. And once again, President Bush stands alone as beacon of truth and righteousness in the sea of political expediency and demagoguery.