March 30, 2006


Ahhh...such a demonstration of respect for our country. By all means, continue to break our laws by illegally infiltrating into our country.

I've been reluctant to cover this topic becasue I'm not looking forward to being labeled a racist or a xenophobe, but what happened the other day requires my attention. In a public California High School, the Mexican flag was raised in an apparent expression of solidarity with the peoples of the sovereign nation of Mexico. If that was not enough of an insult to the United States, the American flag was raised upside down underneath it. Yes, we get the message. Mexico:good, America:bad. You will not see images like this on for example. The mainstream media doesn't really want anyone to see this side of the current "immigrant rights" debate. Of course, "immigrant rights" advocates should really be called "illegal immigration” advocates and “undocumented alien” is politically correct code for "illegal alien". Conflating the last two terms is like driving without a license and then being pulled over by a cop and saying” I’m not driving illegally without a license officer, I’m just an ‘undocumented’ driver.” Then the cop would say, "Oh I see, you’re just 'undocumented' not illegal…OK please go about your business, you’re free to go.” And I love the last picture here. Thanks for the history lesson. At least this picture makes it clear that many illegal aliens have no interest in becoming a part of this country and making it better, as the apologists would have you believe. I refer the apologist to the last picture I have here. You cannot tell me that the people depicted here consider themselves to be American in any way. Clearly they see themselves as subjects of the sovereign nation of Mexico. What term describes when peoples from one sovereign state move in and occupy a neighboring sovereign state? I believe the correct term is: Invasion. If illegal aliens want to stick with the argument that America has unjustly occupied parts of Mexico and that they are now redressing the matter, then they are forced to admit that they have no interest in becoming American. That's how logic works's either one or the other stance. Are you a Mexican or are you an American?


shizzrock said...

I think this is the first time I've agreed with you on an issue. But it's not as clear-cut as people want you to think. We need those immigrants to pick oranges and work at mcdonalds and deliver our pizzas. And their employers don't like paying them too much. So America has to make a choice soon, before spanish becomes our official language. Do we want cheap labor, or quality of life? Let the flames begin.

Jaz said...

Wow Shizzrock, one of my old friends who actually likes cool music, nice to see you around my neck of the virtual woods. I Just viewed your band’s cite. Pretty nice. (I also quickly created my own profile over there).

On this immigration matter:

I’ll pick quality of life on your last question. And I am familiar with the economic argument that our economy would come grinding to halt or whatever without illegal employees, but I reject it. As an uber-capitalist, I believe that “economic Darwinism” dictates that those businesses that cannot succeed without artificially underpaying their employees deserve to fail. If your business model requires that that you underpay workers, you deserve to go out of business. Let’s say Wal-Mart only wants to pay 5 an hour to clean their toilets. The argument is always, “Well no American will clean toilets for five an hour”. What happens if there is no one willing to work for five an hour on an unpleasant job? Does that job go undone? Of course not. Whatever business will simply have to pay an appropriate wage for the job or face the possibility that said job will not get done. If jobs do not get done, the business falters and eventually fails, as it deserves to. In a capitalist society, if one business fails, another business offering the same goods and services will fill the void, in this case because they would have a more appropriate and equitable business model.

Mass deportations and a building a fence are highly debatable, but this idea that businesses will fail without retaining illegal workers ticks me off. I say too bad, pay an appropriate wage or go out of business.

shizzrock said...

Thanks for the kind words, I fully agree with your statements. Unfortunately, greedy corporate America does not. Resultingly, you have the inexplicable actions of our government this last week. Big business will do anything they can to avoid "paying an appropriate wage". That's why your TV and sneakers are made in China. The Chinese only make fifty cents a day. Do I dare say you sound a little like a..........liberal?

Jaz said...


However, 'uber capitalist' and ‘liberal’ don't exactly go hand in hand, but I see what you mean. And you're right in that, typically it is Republicans who are the biggest fans of big business and corporate America but I'm not sure that I buy into the liberal mantra of: big business=bad.

Chris said...

I'm somewhat in agreement with you here also. I'm not sure logic is defined as the one or the other line that you use at the end, but it is very difficult for me to support people who really have no desire to receive American citizenship and instead just want to remain in this country because they think they have some claim to the land.

This issue seems to have multiple parts. There are those immigrants who want to become citizens and then there are those who really don't care and just want to live off our social programs. And I'm sure there are more parts to it than that as well.

I'll have to write more on this later. I just think this thing is a very complicated matter; and I think the MSM (and the politicians) don't want to waiste the necessary time to relate it all to the people.

Jaz said...

Is that you MJ? How’s it going?

You’re right that this whole matter is almost headache inducingly complex. In defense of my logic statement: I don’t accept nuance when referring to the last picture I have in the initial post. For me, the people holding that sign have to decide between considering themselves Mexican or considering themselves American. To me it is that black and white. When people are being so blatantly adversarial, they should be forced to choose either one or the other stance. I despise nuance sometimes. People who do not advocate either one or the other stance on an issue are relying of the vagaries of nuance in order to render themselves immune form being proven wrong. It is so nauseatingly convenient to never actually advocate either one or the other side of an issue. This goes to the fact that many liberals don’t seem to ever answer a yes or no question directly. Some issues are simple enough that a direct answer to a yes or no question are appropriate e.g. “Do you think that partial birth abortion should be legal?” Yes or no? There is no nuance to hide in on that direct question. Good luck on getting a straightforward answer from some people.

This “immigration right” issue is a very tricky issue for both parties in an election year. Tom Tancredo, who is under attack as a racist, made sense on one of the Sunday shows when he essentially said, “Here’s a novel idea…let’s just enforce the current laws on the books.” I’m inclined to agree with him. Unfortunately, in this modern atmosphere of political correctness, apparently asking people to follow our laws is too much to ask. This morning on the Don Imus radio program John Kerry said, “…Well, we’re not going to deport 11 million Americans”. Whaaaat? 11 million Americans? What a dope Kerry is sometimes, he just betrayed the fact that he perceives illegal law breakers to be Americans simply because they somehow managed to infiltrate into our country. Apparently for Kerry, merely finding yourself within the borders of our county is sufficient to consider yourself a citizen. What a joke…no wonder this issue is so difficult.

Every politician is basically terrified of losing the votes of the largest growing constituency in America: Hispanic Americans. I wonder, why is it that all Hispanics Americans seem to be advocates of illegal immigrant rights? I gotta hope that those who are here legally should not be in favor of others ignoring the procedures and red tape that they had to put up with. Unfortunately, this issue is somehow being turned into an Anglo vs. Latino issue when in reality it is a rule of law vs. anarchy issue. Personally, I will not apologize for being a fan of the rule of law.

Kent said...

As much as I hate to say this, I think it is too late to solve the illegal immigration problem in this country.

Yes we need them but they don't have any right to be here. The fact that they receive social services is because of our amazing compassion as a society.

I've written before about the need to deny social services. As heartless as it might seem, that would stem the flow of these people into the country almost overnight.

But that won't happen. It would be too controversial.

Certainly there are good people that are here legally. They are here to earn money to send back home to their families in Mexico. Twenty years ago my parents employed a gentleman named Porfirio. He had his green card and he worked hard. He became a trusted member of our family.

Sadly there aren't very many Porfirio's today. The new breed of illegals are extremely militant. These are the people demanding rights. I say we kick these people the hell out of the country until they have proper identification.

I still think Bush's immigration idea was a good one. Identify these people so we can keep track of them. If they behave themselves and conduct themselves with decorum put them on track to become citizens. Deport the bad seeds and bar them permanently.