July 15, 2011

stirring up mindlessness

Nothing being proposed would effect the person featured in this ad. AARP is using member dues for this patently absurd ad which desperately tries to drum up a general kind of mindless fear that AARP hopes will scare voters into being against ever tackling the matter of entitlement reform. Anyone with any common sense can see that it may be time to raise the retirement age, for example, amongst a wide bonanza of other reform theories. Every economist acknowledges that these programs are on a collision course with financial ruination and/or are unsustainable in their current form and therefor need to be somehow restructured. I would think this to be elementary. And I'm not aware of a single proposal that would effect current beneficiaries. To imagine that they are the target as this ad does is just laughable. The AARP should be ashamed of its own unhelpful posture on this issue.

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