September 06, 2009

Van crashes, burns

Obama's "green job" Czar, Van Jones, resigned at midnight on a Saturday night during the long labor day weekend. The 9-11 truther and a race-baiter blamed a smear campaign against him rather than his own past comments and actions for his (un)timely demise. Hardcore Liberals are apoplectic about this resignation saying things like, "Whenever I got sick to my stomach at the thought of Obama's Team of Corporate Zombies - people like Rahm Emanuel, Tim Geithner, Larry Summers and Jim Messina - running the show, I was able to at least tell myself that hey, someone like Van Jones is at least in there somewhere fighting the good fight as he always has. "

I guess we'll have to see how it goes with the "corporate zombies".

The timing of the release of this news is about as blatant of an attempt to bury a story that I've ever seen. Another example of what I call 'The Opacity of Hope'. Things are really start to unravel for the Obama Campaign, er... Administration.

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mikefina said...

The cultish following of the ONE is reaping in September, what the sowed in 2008. On a platform of 'anyone but Bush', no due-diligence was ever done on candidate Obama. There was the obligatory reading of his resume, and the unsupported claims of 'higher intelligence', but no serious examination of WHAT HIS ACTUAL GOVERNING AND LEGISLATIVE HISTORY HAD EVER PRODUCED.

Maybe, he just isn't as smart as you think. Maybe the quiet disposition is reflective not of a cerebral man, but a sly opportunist, who knows to keep quiet, rather than to speak and thus give the game away.

Great campaign. He managed to beat the Republican. SO WHAT. He fogged the mirror--of course he beat the Republican.

White-guilt, dressed up in over-wrought hysterical syncophantism propelled Obama past Hillary.