May 17, 2009

Stand up guy

Leon Panetta actually seems to care about the agency he runs. Today he turned on Nancy Pelosi in defense of the integrity of the CIA. Bravo.

Even the Huffington Post seems to have turned on the erstwhile Lefty standard bearer, Ms. Pelosi.

"There are some people who project sincerity and integrity, but Pelosi's just the opposite. She comes across as a duplicitous partisan hack. A Tom Delay with tits, yet lacking the balls and efficiency. Whereas Delay was ruthless and resolute, Pelosi's simply an ineffective trainwreck."

Only the crass delivery gives away the fact that that was a quote from a Lefty Pundit.

1 comment:

Kent said...

I'm surprised about Panetta's commitment to doing a decent job. The Democrats are so addicted to process and diplomacy and consensus building, it's a wonder anything ever gets done.

But when it comes to the Pelosi/CIA dustup, he had to stick up for his people, otherwise he'd have had a mutiny on his hands.

Haven't heard beans about Pelosi lately. She really quashed the conversation about her dishonesty about interrogation techniques and the MSM follows right along, without question.