March 20, 2009


Chris Dodd is corrupt. This is not a matter of wild eyed speculation, this is fact, plain and simple. Chris Dodd received tens of thousands dollars of campaign contributions from some of the very AIG executives that are theoretically in line for these controversial bonuses that you may have heard of. Dodd lied about knowing anything about any provisions pertaining to AIG bonuses that were included in the "stimulus" bill on Monday of this week, but by Wednesday he came clean and copped to authoring the amendment in question. So, crazily enough, he's both corrupt and inept.

That's not an easy combo to pull off. He's uniquely un-qualified to hold any position where he and the phrase "public trust" are to be mentioned in the same sentence.

If he and those like him are re-elected in 2010, our Republic is truly in danger.

The New York Times is even turning on him.


Kent said...

This guy needs to be run out of town. He's a lying disgrace of a human being. And I don't see much difference between Dodd and the rest of the Democrats.

Reid, Kerry, Frank, Durbin, Pelosi, Leahy, they are all the same person to me. Corrupt, dishonest, untrustworthy, inept, morally bankrupt, unqualified, unfit to serve.

Young Activist said...

This is how politics works, its a problem of a system, not a problem of a few bad apples, and only being concerned with systemic flaws when they are of partisan significance only perpetuates the problem.