January 13, 2009


Please read this brilliant article by conservative syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer. To my liberal friends, if you disagree with Krauthammer's observations and/or conclusions please tell me where you feel he's going wrong. To those who feel that The Palestinians are the aggrieved party in this conflict, please do the same.


Kent said...

I'd like governments around the world, including the United States, to cease pumping additional resources into Gaza for 'infrastructure.' Said resources are only stolen by Hamas and used to buy arms and guns and weapons to use against Israel.

Young Activist said...

We can start debunking these views with the simple fact that Israel, not Hamas, broke the cease fire with a Nov. 4 attack that left six Palestinians in Gaza dead.

Jaz said...

What is the justification for randomly firing rockets into civilian population centers?

Why is it always those on the left, time and time again, who find themselves in the position of defending the dishonorable actions of terrorists?

BTW, good job getting rid of the underscore in your name, I wonder where you got that idea.