November 18, 2008

Rubbing raw the wounds

Just when I start to think that Mike Huckabee might be worthwhile, he begins to unravel and undermine any notion that he has something positive to contribute to the conservative movement.

The Huckster is on a book tour now bashing Mitt Romney again. And in a way Huckabee is the perfect foil for Romney. For all Romney's class and dignity, Huckabee is petty and classless. For all of Romney's patient logic, Huckabee is highly emotional and illogical. Who knows, if not for the collusion of McCain and Huckabee conspiring to destroy Romney in the Republican Primary, we may now have a president who actually knows something about the economy heading into this recession. Would have, could have, should have.

There is no point in rehashing the Republican Primary now. I've attacked Huckabee many times on this blog but even I tire of thrashing anyone who still wants to regard themselves as conservative. So I won't say any more about Huckabee other than to point out why his attacks against Romney are so laughable, namely this: All of Romney's criticisms of Huckabee, which occurred early on in the primaries and went away as soon as Huckabee became irrelevant, are provably true (that he raised taxes as Governor, for example). The converse also applies: All of Huckabee's attacks against Romney are provably false (that Romney is responsible for gay marriage in Massachusetts).

Mike Huckabee does himself a disservice by continuing to attack Romney simply because he's still smarting from Romney's legitimate and substantive attacks that were made nearly a year ago now. Think about this, would Huckabee be reacting this way still if Romney's attacks were baseless? People don't respond this vigorously to ridiculous and blatantly false accusations. It's precisely because Romney's critisms of Huckabee hit home so effectivley that the Huckster can't let this go.

Notice how Romney ignores Huckabee? That's the appropriate response to attacks that are not worth the time of day.


Kent said...

I don't mind Huckabee anymore. I think he's a talented guy who could be utilized at some point in a future Republican administration.

At the moment I don't think we can risk alienating anybody else in our party. We should put aside petty differences and focus on the way back to power.

The forefront of that effort are the Governors and the GOP should pick up more Governors houses in 2010.

In terms of 2012 GOP presidential candidates, I'm already looking at Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal as first rate candidates. I'd also include Newt Gingrich, Eric Cantor, John Shadegg and Paul Ryan in that category.

Jaz said...

That's just it. The only one out there attacking fellow Republicans is the Huckster! His attacks, while not effective and therfore largley irrelevant, are however, counter productive.

I would add Michael Steele to your list there.

What about Mike Pence and Jim Demint? They seem more worthy than the Huckster given his endless Romney vendetta.

Lisa said...

I'm with Jaz on the Huckster. I think that Huckabee needs to get over his grudge against Mitt Romney, and help to move the party forward. He ended up with an FNC TV show, a book deal, and other such benefits out of this process, and he's still whining about Romney. Move on. That's my opinion.

I would amend Kent's list to exclude Huck and Newt. Huck for the reasons both of us have already mentioned, and Newt because he comes with extreme baggage. Otherwise, I like that list. I agree on Mike Pence.

SC pols are my personal favorite (with one obvious exception). Jim DeMint is the man. I would trust him with this country, at least on fiscal issues, but I think he should stay where he is. I've often mentioned my gov, Mark Sanford, as someone who should make the move to D.C. Right now he's standing strong and refusing bailout cash. I think he's someone who could articulate the conservative case, because he's been doing it from the beginning.

But I'm very biased when it comes to those two guys. I think Romney should try again. I think Sarah should give it another shot, and this time she wouldn't have the McCain people around to sabotage her. Of all the people we have mentioned so far, Romney's the only guy I can see being ready on day one to be President, but a lot could change in 4-8 years.

Kent said...

Yes, somehow I omitted both Steele and Pence from my list. I suck.

Just like the Chargers.

Be sure to look for me in the stands on Sunday Night Football, Bolts and Colts.

Anonymous said...

Jim Demint is the man.