October 22, 2008

not a single school of thought

John Fund, of opinionjournal.com, asserts that there's not a single school of economic thought that says that you raise taxes in a recession.

Yet that's precisely what Barack Obama and this Democratically controlled Congress propose to do, he goes on to point out.

This critique makes so much sense, it must make a liberal's head spin like a top.

You wanna make a recession a depression: Vote Obama.


Kent said...

After all the 'hope' and 'change,' beyond the soaring rhetoric about lowering the oceans and saving the planet, looking past the historic nature of the first black American president, is the cold, hard fact that if the Democrats control all three branches of government there will be fewer jobs, there will be smaller stock market gains, there will be higher taxes for everyone, there will be less prosperity, we will be more vulnerable to terrorist attacks and we will be reduced to a bit player on the world stage.

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