August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

It appears as though McCain will pick Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, as his Vice presidential running mate.

Putting aside the transparent identity politics play of this decision for the moment, I give McCain credit for picking someone with at least some executive experience.

If Sarah Palin is the Vice Presidential nominee, at least one of the four politicians on the two major party tickets will at least have had some experience running something. The other three: Obama, Biden, and McCain have never run so much as a corner store let alone something like the US Government, the largest enterprise in the world.

But then again I could just be being petty by imagining that the CEO of the free world essentially, should have at least some experience running something other than a self-serving political campaign.

Enter Sarah Palin, a fresh face with executive experience who represents an obvious attempt by the McCain campaign to win over disaffected Hillary voters. I wish her and McCain luck in their quest to defeat the Obama juggernaut and his getaway driver, the mainstream media.

McCain/Palin '08.

UPDATE: As of 10:40 a.m. eastern it has been confirmed that Sarah Palin is indeed McCain's VP pick.


Kent said...

Inspired choice.

Kent said...

This should lure women to the ticket and she's going to run circles around Biden in the debate.

Anonymous said...

ya inspired member of the ALASKAN INDEPENDENCE PARTY. what a joke, she and her husband don't even want to be americans.

Jaz said...

Hey Anonymous:

If you had done at least a little research rather than parroting some lefty blog you just read, you would find that the Alaskan Independence Party is merely an Alaska-centric political party and not necessarily a secessionist organization.

There are some members in this Alaskan Independence Party that advocate secession, but there is no evidence that Governor Palin is or was of that mindset regarding the status of her home state.

Even to have to discuss this is "getting into the weeds" as they say in journalism. What happened to the high-minded debate on major issues that Obama keeps claiming he wants to have yet never does?

You guys on the left are just flailing around at this point grasping at straws, coming up with more and more of these paper thin arguments against Sarah Palin because you realize that she adds strength to the Republican ticket and it terrifies you.

The more you want to bring up the two topics of 'past associations' and the relative 'lack of experience' of the candidate the worse your savior, Barack Obama, looks.

In reality the lack of experience and questionable associations of Obama are far more troubling than that of the VICE-presidential candidate on the Republican side.

Come up with a new line of attack, or it will redound against you.

...which is good for America, so by all means keeping doing it.