July 31, 2008

change we can believe in

What will be left of your paycheck after taxes under an Obama Administration.


Alex said...

Wait, I don't think taxes can get any higher than GW Bush levels. Or is the argument that McCain will lower taxes? Start posting some pro-McCain stuff, it's the only way to really make sure Obama loses. Don't be like the liberals that attack Bush instead of building up Obama. You gotta build up your guy, McCain!! Anyway, why are you so worried, Obama is not going to win.

Alex said...

BTW you said the same thing about Deval Patrick, how much have your taxes gone up since he took office (seriously)?

Jaz said...

Well let's see, my gross paycheck last week was $849. My take home was $600.

So I'm being whaled for about $250 a week for federal and state taxes. It's just wonderful.

And I can see where it's going too. Have you tried to drive on Massachusetts roads lately? There is construction everywhere snarling traffic and hampering Massachusetts businesses perfectly timed with $4 dollar a gallon a gas. State cops are pulling 4 times as many cars over to this point last year to raise revenue for the 'Commonwealth'.

Oh yeah I love Deval 'on the job training' Patrick. This is great.

Jaz said...

The photo was taken with my new iPhone 3G.