May 14, 2008

the Huckster: part deux

As a Romney supporter, there's one thing I can always safely rely on John McCain for. That is, doing whatever it is that hurts Mitt Romney and those that support him the most.

So to find out that McCain is about to pick the amiable Southern Baptist pastor Mike Huckabee as his vice presidential running mate is clearly more disappointing than it is surprising. Come to think of it, it makes perfect sense for the pseudo-Republican "Maverick", John McCain, to have Mike Huckabee, the populist preacher/charlatan, as his right hand man. And then there's all the electoral benefits of the political betrothal of Juan Pablo McCain and Mike "Chuckabee" Huckabee detailed here.


Lisa said...

I'm not so sure that McCain would do this primarily to hurt Romney if he named Huck as his VP, but I honestly don't believe the rumors and speculation that Huck's the guy. McCain does like to tick off conservatives though, and I'm not entirely sure he would pick someone we like even if it's not Huckabee.

McCain is going to try to win this election with just Democrats and independents, and I don't think he can. This is a bad strategy. He shouldn't be alienating the few conservatives who still support him with this climate change nonsense and his flirtation with all these moderates. I'm mad at McCain right now, and adding Huck to the ticket won't do anything to improve his standing with me.

Kent said...

I don't know, Dude. Newsmax?

Huck? Anything is possible but I'd look for more of a sitting governor type. Florida's Crist, SC's Sanford or Minnesota's Pawlenty.

McCain alienating conservatives? It's what he does. We just have to think longer term and realize he's the best option at this point in terms of national security, lower taxes and judicial nominees.

Jaz said...

Sure maybe I'm jumping the gun a little. But if I react to the worst case scenario now, I soften the inevitable disappointment that I've grown to expect from John McAmnesty when he does eventually pick someone uninspiring like Charlie Crist or straight up hilarious like the Huckster.

McCain now is back to wanting comprehensive immigration reform. When he was debating Romney he was a border hawk but now that the Romney threat has passed he's back to his soft on the border McCain Kennedy ways. I'm sorry, I simply don't have that short of a memory. My guy was defeated by a disingenuous political hack who says whatever he needs to for political expediency.

I'll still probably vote for him simply because the alternative is so inconceivably dreadful.

At his best Obama is a vapid opportunistic sloganeer. At his worst, he's the Manchurian candidate.