April 14, 2008



Lisa said...

Did you hear what Randy Levine said on ESPN? The man needs to get a sense of humor. He needs to worry more about his own ballclub than some construction worker burying an Ortiz jersey under the new Stadium. The Yanks' front office has better things to do with their time.

That's a clever prank. I was amused by it. I'm not sure that I would have let anyone know until it was too late to take legal action, so the prankster's timing was bad.

Jaz said...

Thanks for the comment Lisa, I found this situation to be be fairly hilarious.

I see you have been battling the forces of Anti-Mitt Romney on your blog. I 'll have to tear into these twits. Who are these people? McCain fans? Huckabee followers? Are they big fans of illegal immigration and amnesty for illegals? Do they imagine that it's desirable to have a candidate who knows next to nothing about the way the economy works? They probably favor higher taxes and an expansion in size and scope of government. I'll have to expose them for the quasi-conservatives or straight up Democrats that they are.

Kent said...

Damn Yankee fans.