March 15, 2008

Olbermann Jumps the Shark

This guy is a complete and utter pseudo intellectual tool.

He's from the school of "the more quasi-big words I use, the smarter I sound".

Ugh.. he's so laughable. "Events insist" indeed. Events insist that you are a moron, Mr Olbermann for castigating so thoroughly Geraldine Ferraro for making benign comments when compared to the recently revealed teachings from the spiritual adviser of the candidate that you are so painfully obviously promoting while you masquerade as a journalist.

This is what passes for great thinking on the left.

meanwhile, I have been silenced on this matter when attempting to discuss it on this pro-Obama blog, that for some reason I'm being denied access to

1 comment:

Kent said...

This guy is the world's biggest asshole. He is the worst person in the world, along with George Soros.

I remember how great Keith was back when he was on ESPN. He and Dan Patrick were so money. They revolutionized sports talk.

Actually, I go back farther than that with KO. He did radio in LA on KNX 1070 for years and years.

He should stick with sports and stop throwing his papers around like a child.