February 05, 2008

Independents for Romney

As an independent/unenrolled voter, I hadn't planned on voting in today's Massachusetts primary election. I was under the impression that these were "closed" primaries, but after John McCain won the GOP primary in Florida as a direct result of independents and Democrats voting for him, I figured I would at least try to go and vote for my candidate.

And vote I did, for Mitt Romney. No ID was needed and once I found my name on the rolls I was asked which party's primary I would like to vote in. "Republican", I said happily and moments later I had cast my vote for Romney, hopefully canceling out one of the the countless other independents and Democrats in Massachusetts who today voted for McCain in a contest many believed was restricted to only those registered in a given party.

While I was pleased to be allowed to vote, I would have preferred to have been prevented from voting since I am not in fact a registered Republican.

The fact that independents and Democrats can vote in a GOP primary is disturbing. Given that there really is no difference in terms of policy between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton I imagine that there will be quite a few left-leaning individuals voting for John McCain, thereby corrupting the purity of what should be a contest amongst Republicans rather than the general electorate.

I think the argument that McCain is a conservative and has conservative Republican support will be settled by the end of today's voting when we see the typical Florida-type results where McCain wins, not on the basis of conservative Republican support but because of the independent and Democratic vote.

The latest John McCain TV ad boasts, "John McCain: the True Conservative". That is correct, if by "conservative" they mean "guy who votes with liberals".


Angus said...

I saw this morning that we lost California. Huckabee has voluntarily destroyed any hope at a conservative nominee. Looks like no matter what we are going to have four years of higher taxes, big government, liberal judges and most importantly amnesty for illegal criminaliens.

Awhile back, Katie Couric asked the candidates in an interview the question "What are you most afraid of losing?"

paraphrasing from what I heard yesterday, this is what each had to say:

Huckabee: I'm most afraid of losing my health. After losing 100lbs, I now see the importance of a healthy life.

Billary: I'm afraid of losing my heath. At my age many of my peers have dealt with health issues

Obama: I'm most afraid of losing my name.

Mitt Romney: I'm afraid of losing my country. I'm afraid she is losing her way.

This sums up the ingenuous nature of Romney. How he realizes that the country has sustained significant disintegration of morals and values. The sanctity of family, the pride of hard work and the mutual respect to each other is what makes this country so great. However these American axioms have waned over the last half century. If America doesn't reverse the trend, the future looks very dim.

Son of Renaissance said...

Great blog with great information, I enjoyed reading your take on things. also enjoyed the cartoons at the sidebar...classic! Keep on keeping on bro- -Son of Renaissance