November 28, 2007

Mano a Mano

One of the most heated exchanges of last night's CNN YouTube debate last night occurred right at the outset between Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, arguably the two front runners. The topic was illegal immigration and I believe it's fair to say that Romney came out ahead by attempting to confine the debate to matters of public policy whereas Giuliani strayed into the personal. And, as Fred Thompson alluded to in the very next question, Giuliani is not one to be casting aspersions upon some one else's personal hiring practices given his own recent troubles vis a vis Bernard Kerik. Romney also prevailed in a lively one-on-one debate with John McCain regarding issues related to the nature of torture.

Also on the matter of CNN's credibility or lack thereof, it turns out that of the dozen or so questions asked of the candidates, amongst the questioners was a Clinton operative, an Obama supporter and two John Edwards supporters. So, the Democratic YouTube debate featured softball question after softball question with no follow up questions and the Republican YouTube debate featured questions asked by planted Democratic campaign members attempting to ambush and/or embarrass the candidates. CNN is laughably biased at this point.


American Patriot said...

Rommney is a good politician, but at as a leader he is a joke. His flip-flopping makes John Kerry look firm. America is in a global war against Islam we need a real leader not just a pretty boy. Tancredo is the only real leader. Tough times need tough leader and that's just what he is. Tancredo won't play nice with the Islamofascists he's said he'll bomb up their holy places if they come after America. Leadership like that is all that's going to keep us safe. Rommney is just a liberal posing as a real American.

It's time to kick the Muslims out, it's time to kick the gays out, it's time to kick the Mexicans out, and it's time to kick the liberals out. America for the true Americans and Christians. Tancredo for President.

Jaz said...

Yo 'patriot', I like Tancredo's no nonsense border policies. He has been saying the right things about the border for months by now. He also was the only candidate who didn't attend the Mexican Television network debate. I' don't think that the other candidates where pandering necessarily, but Tancredo gets props for living and dying without the benefit of whatever the viewers of Univison may have afforded him.

However, It is because I agree with general points about Romney that I disagree with you conclusion. You say, "Romney is just a liberal posing as a real American."

First of all, you and I both know that Romney is "real" American, whatever that is. But your general point here is that Romney perhaps has some liberal leanings. And BTW, if he's a liberal then so am I. But is for that reason perhaps then that he is the most electable in a general election. In American politics, the candidate that is closer to the center on the political spectrum usually wins the general election. George Bush and Bill Clinton were essentially centrists when compared to fringe candidates like Pat Buchanan, Tom Tancredo on the far right, Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean on the far left. None of the four above mentioned candidates where ever actually viable candidates for the Presidency of the USA because they were too extreme to appeal to the broad swath of the electorate necessary to win a general nation wide election.

So ultimately the very concepts you find so distasteful about Romney, that in the past he has been amenable to some of the more socially liberal causes, are the very reasons that he might be able to appeal to at least some Democrats whereas a Tancredo only appeals to only the farthest right leaning zealots like yourself.

The bottom line is, a vote for Tancredo is a vote for Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama. So if you would prefer not to have a communist as a president, I recommend voting for a Republican who at least has a chance of winning the general election like Romney or Giuliani. Love it or leave it, but this is the way presidential politics works in America.

American Patriot said...

Communism looks good on paper, it really brings to life what Jesus meant when he said share with your neighbor. The reason it didn't work out is cuase it was tried by a bunch of Aetheist liberal russians and chineese who only think about themseleves and not about the group. They couldn't handle Communism. True American Conservative Christians are better then those people, we think about the good of the group, that's why we could handle Communism when they couldn't. So don't try to intimidate my vote by threatening me with Communism becuase all true Christians are Communists becuase they will share with their Christian brothers. Hillary Clinton is a liberal greedy ugly slob she is no Communist, she is no Christian, she is no Conservative, she is no American.

Tancredo for President.

Kent said...

The only thing 'firm' about John Kerry is his commitment to marrying rich women so he never has to work a day in his life.

CNN blows dog and everyone knows it.

Jaz said...

Yo 'patriot' your boy Tancredo supports Romney for President. How do you square that genius? The guy you wanted to be president is advocating a "devil worshiper" as you call it. Either Tancredo is wrong now or you were wrong to support him. Pick your poison, either way you look bad.

american patriot said...

His Former Excellency Tancredo is a traitor. He fooled many people with his acting. I know realize that I was fooled. The next best canidate is Hunter we must back him for America's sake.

Anonymous said...

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