September 09, 2007

Painted into a corner

Let's examine the general Democratic position on the war in Iraq using some simple logic.

If it is fair to say that anti-war Democrats want out of Iraq as soon as possible, then one would be justified in assuming that good news coming from Iraq would be welcomed by Democrats because now the conditions under which we can responsibly withdraw from Iraq are perhaps beginning to present themselves.

But in the upside down world of anti-war Democrats, there is no way that any kind of good news coming from Iraq is compatible with the political agenda that they have pigeon-holed themselves into at this point.

The reason is, Anti-war Democrats have carved out such a niche as the cheerleaders of bad news from Iraq, that good news, even news that theoretically may advance their proposed agenda of withdrawing, is bad news for them.

This kind of divorce from any kind of logical progression is what happens when Democrats chose political posturing over seeking the truth and serving the American people.

It will be interesting to see which way the Democratic presidential candidates twist in the wind vis a vis Iraq given the forthcoming positive news from Iraq.


Kent said...

Bush/Petraeus/Crocker 1
The Idiotic Democrats 0

Anonymous said...

The U.S has no moral authority to establish democracy anywhere when we prop up dictators around the world who couldn't exist without our support.

Jaz said...

Who does have "Moral authority" to do anything anyway? Or we jus' lay back and do whatever...

-Banana Republic

Anonymous said...

What I'm getting at is that, in light of its behavior, the U.S has little interest in actually spreading democracy and that goal has nothing to do with our occupation of Iraq.