August 01, 2007


Barrack Obama proclaimed the other day that he is for the unilateral invasion of Pakistan in order to kill or capture OBL. It's fairly amazing that Obama seems to have no compunction about threatening Pakistan, a nuclear power and ally in the war on terror. While it is reassuring to see that Obama actually concurs with President Bush that Islamic terrorism represents a fundamental threat to America's security and way of life and that it should be aggressively confronted, I do notice that Democrats always seem to be in favor of a different war than the one we are fighting. This sabre-rattling speech by Obama the other day was vintage disingenuous political posturing.

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Kent said...

Here we have an example of a guy who is so far in over his head and so unqualified to be commander in chief, that he just blurted something out.

Unfortunately, I think it elevated Clinton's stature a bit because her reaction/response were correct.