October 25, 2006


It is becoming clear that Iraqi Insurgents are attempting to influence elections here in the United States. As the terrorists successfully managed to do to Spain with the Madrid train bombings, the Iraqi Insurgents are trying to do to us here in America, as the mid term elections approach. As was the case with Spain, the goal is to drive voters to elect leaders who take a softer line against the enemy. The Insurgent’s plan seems to essentially be: to ramp up the violence and chaos until our elections, at which point Americans elect less hawk-ish leaders because, as OBL preaches, America is really a paper tiger (Bill Clinton/Mogadishu). In the next phase of the plan, the decidedly less-hawkish new leaders remove American troops from Iraq on an accelerated timetable, before any sort of friendly Iraqi government could ever sustain itself. And Finally, as was the case with the Tet Offensive, the inferior force achieves a kind of victory by propaganda rather than military might. I'd like to think that we have learned from the Tet Offensive, Mogadishu, as well as from the Madrid train bombings and at the very least when voting, we bear in mind that the Insurgents are hoping that the party in favor of an unhealthily accelerated withdrawal from Iraq win a majority of seats in Congress this November.


young_activist said...

Looks like you where wrong on this conspiracy theory. The attacks have worsend since after the election.

Jaz said...

Not really, the kind of casualties that most effect American voters, namely American casualties, peaked during the time leading up until our elections. The number of Americans killed during October was a tragic 106. The November total, which includes several days before our elections, was 69. This is still too high a number obviously, but it is comparable to the monthly average of US deaths. So, looking at the numbers of US deaths by month, there was a peak as our elections approached, confirming my assertion that the enemy made more of concerted effort to target US troops as our elections approached.

young_activist said...

If you are measuring the violence only by the number of U.S soldiers killed then you are not getting a good picture of what is actaully going on.