September 20, 2006

Strange Bedfellows

As an avid reader of anything that Charles Krauthammer has to say I am aware that if military action is undertaken against Iran there will be many immediate implications. Amongst them is an apparent oil based alliance between Iran and Venezuela's emerging international villian Hugo Chavez.

From the Jerusalem Post:

'Chavez has come out in support of Iran's nuclear program as well as denouncing the war in Lebanon, accusing Israel of a "new Holocaust." At the Non-Aligned Movement summit, which was held in Cuba leading up to the Iranian leader's Caracas visit, Venezuela and Iran channeled the tide of global anti-US sentiment into support for Iran's right to nuclear energy.'

Amongst many other illuminating assertions, Krauthammer prophesies that when the almost inevitable hostilities arise between a coalition of the willing and Iran over the acquisition of nuclear weaponry that, “Iran might suspend its own 2.5 million barrels a day of oil exports and might even be joined by Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, asserting primacy as the world's leading anti-imperialist. But even more effectively, Iran will shock the oil markets by closing the Strait of Hormuz, through which 40 percent of the world's exports flow every day.”

The world, now including parts of our own hemisphere, is going to hell in a hand basket thanks to fascistic and anti Semitic dictators like Chavez and Ahmadinejad. Thank the lord that Saddam is out of power. That’s one less terrorist sympathizing anti American dictator left to deal with.


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young_activist said...

So much for standing strong against terrorism by attack Iraq.

Jaz said...

No one (I hope) is attributing the movements and battle cries of our terrorist enemies to anything that resembles logic. Historically, Muslim extremists do not really need a logically airtight argument to recruit new haters of America. If we were to pull every last troop out of Iraq tomorrow, the recruitment of new enemies would still grow. Your belief is no doubt the opposite, that if we leave Iraq, terror recruitment would decrease. That belief is painfully naive.

Plain Joe said...

"As an avid reader of anything that Charles Krauthammer has to say. "

In other words, a mindless sheep who will believe anything that right winger X puts out there.

Ya know... if you think for yourself once in a while... wait, looking at your pseudo-tough guy with a cigarette photo, nevermind. Just keep consuming and sleepwalking through life.

And keep those witty remarks at the munchkin pundit's blog a'comin.

Jaz said...


Plain Joe said...

That's the best you can do.

A product of Fox NEws, overconsumption and only a few brain cells. Yep, a dumb American. Part of the reason the whole world hates us.

Next time I'll include a picture of a girl in a bikin and flashing lights for you, dubya dipshit.

Kent said...


I see that you are now plagued by the 'Plain Joe' virus.

The Iran/Venezuela oil consortium is indeed a very scary proposition. Too bad the Democrats have insisted on keeping America dependent on foreign sources of oil.