August 28, 2006

True Grit

As a member of the discussion panel on Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume, Washington managing editor and host of ‘Special Report’, is free to speak his mind. On Sunday he did just that. Hume doesn’t exactly pull his punches when referencing the criminals who kidnapped two of his employees and colleagues Olaf Whig and Steve Centanni (who had just been realeased minutes before the broadcast of Fox news Sunday). Everything Hume states is exactly correct, however Juan Williams, taking a turn for the worse, defends the kidnappers as members of a larger ‘victim’ body of people, the Palestinians. This, coming from a guy (Williams) who has a book out decrying the victim mentality that African American leaders and democrats perpetuate here in America. Brit Hume: up, Juan Williams: down. has the transcipt and video of this compelling exchange.

1 comment:

Kent said...

The former Liberal Hume is a brilliant journalist.

If ABC, CBS or NBC really wanted to make a bold anchor choice, Hume would be the one.