December 29, 2004

A Wave of Anti-Americanism

I'm afraid that this Tsunami business has given the forces of anti-Americanism grist for the proverbial mill. The latest round of Bush bashing revolves around the president's reaction (of lack therof) to the Tsunami effected countries needs. First of all, everyone has to calm down. A well planned relief effort surely will be more effective than a rushed one. America will do what is needed to get the world back on its feet. We always do. America is and has been the largest source of humanitarian aid in the world. Last year alone, American aid in dollars represented 40 percent of all aid given. We come up with almost half the money and all we ask is that every other country in world kick in the other half. There should be no complaints about our generosity. And for those still whining that 35 million isn't enough money for Tsunami victims, you may want to be aware that: President Bush just authorized a 350 million dollar aid package for tsunami victims. I imagine we will be giving more in the end which, along with the current level of aid puts and end to the latest round of Bush bashing. Next.

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